FLEXYS Food and Beverage System

Continuous, up-to-date records of letters of delivery (internal, ex-ternal)
Internal and external movement takes place on letters of delivery. By recording the movements on computer, the program provides accurate information on the current status of supplies (quantity, installments, value). Copies can be made of any completed letter of delivery. The records also separate by partner.

Supply records
Supplies are recorded to a depth of individual items. Depending on user-defined settings, lists can be made on the screen or for the printer broken down by unit, type of good, category, main group or subgroup. It is also possible to monitor stagnating supplies, as well as warehouse minimums and maximums.

This program supports the entire inventory process. In the program the individual phases conform to the actual work process, so it is a good idea to follow the step-by-step execution (inventory form, inventory entry, items missing from inventory, inventory discrepancy list, inventory supply table, inventory closure). The program also enables inventorying units and/or articles by user-specified filters (partial inventory), as well as by specified times, allowing inventory entry even in the middle of the month (mid-month inventory, transfer inventory). Inventory discrepancy is recorded by the system as program encumbrance/approval. Inventory discrepancies can be listed by unit or as a total, even retroactively.

Food calculation contains the proportion and value of ingredients needed to prepare a product. Based on the food calculation, the program offers extremely effective support in price formation for the individual menu items.
The newly calculated prices can be listed out. Price changes can be preset at any time.

Raw material bookkeeping, turnover statistics
Evaluation of raw material turnover is on a monthly basis. The bar graph shows movement by category or article for the given period. The statistics can be displayed on the screen or printed out. The various list settings can be given when making the list (e.g., various movements by period, unit, or partner).