Flexys Computer Technology Co. Ltd. sells computers, networks and other devices, as well as develops transaction and other program packages ­ as a comprehensive hardware/software unit. It also provides consulting and technical support.

In addition to computers it sells cash registers licensed by the Hungarian Tax Authority (NAV), waiter POS terminals, telephone switches, guestroom safes with keycard and electronic exchange rate boards.

Its expanding list of products includes:

Magnetcard-operated Entry Registering System
Workshift Registering System
Billing Software for guest-houses
Front-Office Software for hotels
Magnetcard-operated Electronic Door-Locking Systems (on-line, off-line)
Timeshare management software
Sales and Correspondence software
Banquet and Conference Assistance software
Heal&Cure Coordination software for thermal-hotels and spas
 Therapy Dispatcher and Billing software for spas
Club Membership Registering software
Restaurant Cash Register System
F&B Receipt-Book software
F&B Storekeeping System
Article Registration software
Business Asset Registration software
Accounting and Bookkeeping software
Travel Agency and Tour Operator Registering System
Telephone Interfaces for hotels and office-blocks 

(The softwares above can work in standalone and cooperative mode as well)

Running platforms: MS-DOS, Open DOS, Windows, NT, Lantastic, Novell, Linux

Flexys Computer Technology Co. Ltd. invents many years of experience in foreign travelling, hotel upkeeping, transaction handling and system developing fields to build up its products. Knowing and considering the real demands of the market, its systems have been based upon those principles that determine the useability, the efficiency and the popularity of any computer system.

- Visuality: A quick glance at the screen should provide clear and immediate information, therefore no
  extensive interpretation is needed. To reach this goal, special visual effects and ergonomically tested color
  combinations are used - among others.

- Easy to Handle: The most frequent transactions can be reached quickly, through a  shortcut, at all possible
  situations. Different automatic procedures not only makes the user's job easier but it also speeds up
  processing and decreases the chance of user error.

- Simplicity, comprehensibility: Automatic helps are provided in all possible cases to help beginners explore
  the system, as well as support advanced users to act more efficiently. Multilingual option provides user
  interfaces of different languages that are chosen of automatically when the user enters the system.

- Multilevel data security that satisfies the highest expectations and requirements. The databases are
  secured against unauthorized reading and writing using efficient and unique encription method.

- Reliability and stability result real quality guarantee while allow keeping the prices at the level that fits the
  market all the time. The structure of the applied devices has come from many years of experience of continous

- Integrity and modularity make it possible that our Partners can have mere low-cost solutions for simple
  demands, but they even can build a cooperative and fedbeck system that covers the entire administration,
  using the same elements – from guest registration to sales  statistics, from storekeeping to bookkeeping –
  maintained by the same expert hand.

FLEXYS Co. Ltd. puts great emphasis on maintaining on-going relationship with its partners and providing restless, high level user support as well as high quality technical training. Its business circle is increasing exponentially, more and more who knows it and appreciates it. For the past five years more than 750 software packages has been spreaded and used all over in Hungary. 

The point of our hardware-software systems is:

flexibility, reliability, quality